Server Systems

Criteria such as choosing the right servers to be used for your applications, equipping them with the right size, cost performance, managebility, energy efficiency, we aim to be an honest help to you in making a production with the latests technology.

For this reason which applications you will running in the server that you planning to buy, what kind of  services you will provide, your expectations, future planning, in line with datas you gave us, we are analysing and selecting proper equipments.

When buying a server thinking like “We have to buy best one and will use this server long time” this is giving you waste of money and not usefull systems. However with increasing technology paying too much money is worth less soon. For this reason when you need upgrade we will happily help you.

We are working with IBM Power Systems, Lenovo ThinkSystem, Huawei Fusion SEerver, HPE Rack Server, SuperMicro Rackmount Servers, Magnetar Server for helping your needs most economicly and fastest way. Apart from all of these we also supporting cloud solutions with Amazon Web Service.

Not in Ankara, all regions of Turkey we are here to help you for Blade Server solutions, X86 Server solutions, Arm server solutions, Hyper Converged solutions, High Performance Computing solutions, Server Operation Systems installations solutions.

For solving your problems faster we provide Authorized Service for SuperMicro and Magnetar brands.