Scanner And Printer Solutions

From desktop to industrial level; we aim to assist you in making decisions with our printer and scanner solutions in accordance with our intended use and needs. The main thing is to determine your needs properly. Every device that in not purchased for its purpose is doomed to take up space in your warehouse in the future. Or you can not use your devices fort he purpose, for which you paid a high price for the initial purchase, saying that we will use it in the future.

As CSIT Bilisim; at this point, we first determine the printer and scanner that best suits your needs and provide you with the most suitable conditions.

Desktop printer, all in one printer, laser printer, tank printer, flatbed scanner, book scanner etc. Apart from the known varieties, we also offer the latest products of technology, camera scanners and book scanning robots to our customers.

We are the Ankara Regional Dealer and Authorized Technical Service of IMAGE VALUE High Speed Industrial Scanners, the world’s fastest scanners. Our scanner has the capacity tos can 600 documents per minute for A4 size paper. It has the ability to simultaneously scan the front and back sides of the documents in 300 pdi quality. It is a plug-and-play industrial scanner that you can use wherever you want with its eergonomic structure, portability and volume.

In the past, we had to position a small printer next to each employee. We could not keep track of who got what and how much output, and we needed more suplies than necessary. Today, we are planning a printer that can meet your needs in common areas accessible to everyone. We would like you to know that we will be pleased tos hare our knowledge and experience with you in the selection of printer you need in this regard, softwaare solutions that will prevent unnecessary use.