Network Systems

Doesn’t matter how big you are, which institution and network administrator would not want to have a secure, efficient, uninterrupted, easily managed and easily expanding network structure. We would like you to know that we enjoy sharing developing Technologies with you, designing your network systems in line with your needs, and commissioning your systems.

Every user or each IP-based devices at the farthest point of your corporate network has to access your servers, storage units and firewalls in your data center. In order to provide a stable service to the request at the endpoint your network topology must be planned in a very smooth and easily expanded manner in the future.

  • Wide Area Networks Solutions (WAN)
  • Local Area Networks Solutions (LAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Networks Solutions (WLAN)
  • Stuctured Cabling Solutions
  • Point to Point Wireless Transfer
  • Network management, Monitoring and Security Softwares

We commit that we will educate you for easily manage and comissioning the related devices about above topics.

For your Industrial Switch, Point to point, Wi-Fi, Backbone Switch, Side Switch, SAN Switch needs, we offer solutions with Huawei, Aruba, H3C, Cisco, D-link, Ruji, Mimosa, Ubiquiti product ranges.

With certified expert staff, CSIT Bilisim continues to work day and night for support customers with their hard times as a Huawei CSP Partner, H3C TSE Authorized Service, D-link TSE  Authorized Servise.