Maintenanca And Repair Services

It is very simple to eliminate these maintenance and repair problems with our TSE-HYB certified Technical Service and CSIT family.

We attach importance to the training of our employees to ensure the quality of the services we provide. In this way, we have the opportunity to follow up-to-date technology closely.

Hardware Maintenance & Repair Services;

We offer you on-site service and periodic maintenance services for your server, storage, personal computer, peripherals and UPS, including or excluding parts under the contract. Apart from these, we offer a wide range of services in line with your needs.

Software Maintenance & Repair Services;

Server Operating Systems, Database, Backup Software, Virtualization Software, Security Software-specific update, new installation, we ensure that you minimize your risk and ensure that your systems work stably with our expert staff. If you wish, remote support, continuous personnel support options are available.