Logitech Video Conferancing Systems

If you have big or small conferance room or yo want to use conferance system in your any officee room? We have the Logitech Video Conferance solutions in our stock which is much cheaper then competitors, and have various scales. Using and comissioning is very simpe, it can work different platforms without issue, and has a alternative solutions everybody who uses it is satisfied and recommend this products.

Logitech products are now used in many ministries and directorates in 81 provinces, and meetings can be easily attended to. Until recently we were attending the meetings with devices which are very expensive. Or we were using one computer camera together without paying any price.

With Logitech Video Conference Systems you can have best option for your budget and for any room that you want. You can show the people how attantive you for your job.

In addition to wide angle cameras of Logitech Video Conferencing Systems, it is also appriciated of crystal clear sound quality. It can work with almost any video compatible software. Thanks to easy use, it provides the opportunity to start the meeting without the support of an IT specialist.

Logitech Video Conference Systems; it features stylish speakers that deliver sharp, clear and high quality sound that can be heard by everyone in the meeting. While metal case helps to upgrade acustical performance, it also isolated microphone and speaker and provides high sound quality. 4 way microphones, acustical echo and noise cancelling tecnologies provides users realistic conversation. Voices can hearable clearly until 6 meters far from standart equipments. It can expand the range up to 8.5 meters for larger venues using optional extra microphones. Also with Bluetooth feature it can use with mobile devices.

With 1080p Full HD video quality, it enables the expressions and movements of the participants to be clearly seen, 90 degree clear field of view and anti-shake features ensure that everyone in the room can see each other. Thanks to adjustable video coding, a much clearer image can be obtained. The 10x lossless HD zom makes it easy for participants to focs on subjects and content on the whiteboard with close-ups.

Certified for Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and WebEx, our products provide advanced interation with Logitech Collaboration Program members, while providing seamless connectivity with almost all video conferencing platforms.