IP Camera Security Systems

In the beginning it seemed to us that is not our job with cameras. But we can see that storages and network structure are need serious planning. And our expertise is network structure and storage units. The systems we have installed so far work in places where the security that cannot be tolerated to image loss is at the top level. In these places systems working properly, thanks to our preperations and planning.

We plan the Storage System according to what type of UP camera you will use based on the image criteria you want to record, and how long you want the images to be recorded. The required Network Devices are planned by extracting the network topology, taking into acoount the bandwidth of the devices to be used in your system. We are pleased to support you in monitoring room designs and construction Works to ensure proper monitoring.

We cooperate with Axis, Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua brands to provide you with the most appropriate security measures with Thermal Cameras, Laser PTZ Cameras, Box, Dome and Bullet Cameras.

With the AxxonNext VMS software, your recordings can be made securely and continously. It offers quick Access to your archive records and live viewing facilities. It enables your system to expand easily in the following processes.

We are ready to provide the necessary support for you to have the Security Systems that you will create with IP-Based Cameras under the most appropriate conditions.