Data Center Solutions

The Data Center facility is a very important facility where you provide various services to eveery user in your organization or business, where you host your applications, store important and confidential informations, and the working conditions of the information equipments that are not tolerant of interruptions.

If you need to restore or modernize your companies Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center or Business Continuity Center;

Locate the Data Center, Data Center Layout, Air Conditioner selection, UPS Selection, CFD Analyse according Data Center Layout and device specifications, Structured Cable Planning, Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems, Construction Operations, Taking Security Measures etc. While we share our experience with you, let’s plan and implement your data center, which yu will us efor years, in line with your needs and budget, within international standarts. Let’s build the data center together that you can use without any problems, which will allow you to not leave your workplace worrying about whether there will be a problem at an unexpected time.

While planning your Data Center; Modular Data Center Solutions, Container Data Center Solutions, UPS, Precision Controlled Air Conditioning System, Enviroment Monitoring and Control Systems, Power Distribution Units (PDU), Gas Fire Extinguishing System, Raised Floor Systems, Fire Resistant Door, Electrical Distribution Panels, Planning Data Lines etc. Let’s work together to ensure that you have the latest technology systems that fit your budgets.

Huawei Fusion Module 800 (FM800), Huawei Fusion Module 2000 (FM2000), Huawei Container Data Center, Huawei Modular Uninterrupted Power Source, Huawei Sensetive Controlled Air Conditioning, Huawei Environmental Monitoring Systems, Vertiv Sensetive Controlled Air Conditioning, Vertiv Modular Uninterrupted Power Source, Vertiv Environmental Monitoring Systems, Eaton Smart PDU, Novec Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems etc. We promise that we provide best solutions for your needs.

In your Uptime Institude Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV level Data Center projects, with our ATD certified staff we will always want to with you and we car this a lot.