There are basic principles and values that we have created throughout our life as a person. As CSIT Bilisim Family which is a legal personality, we have adopted basic principles  and values in our commercial life as a transparency, honesty and quality.

In line with your needs we make it a principle to provide quality solutions and services. In our data center, system integration and field works all day and night  we promise that, although we are based on an Ankara company we will always be your partner in every region of Turkey.

We are providing best solutions to use your time, budget and human sources. We are love to share our exprience, willing to learn as a young company we are “respect you” ve doing our job “”properly”.

We are doing our job properly because; we care about education, we are looking for new and reliabe products, and we are providing you the tested and reliables solutions.

CSIT Bilisim A.Ş. setted up with “To provide proper solutions and proper services of Informations Technologies to public institutions and organizations and industrial organizations” mission. And our vision is; being a part of “Domestic Producers” and contribute national economy as a organization in 10 years.

TS EN ISO 9001

TS EN ISO 27001

ISO 14001

ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO 45001

ISO 10002

TSE - HYB  12498

TSE - HYB 12540

TSE - HYB 12749

TSE - HYB 13242